“My work is introspective and symbolic. I use clay as canvas, paper, and as story. Sometimes it’s functional. Sometimes it’s sculptural and conceptual.

The slowness of hand building with clay inspires my imagination.  I pound, throw, roll, coil and pinch.  Currently my primary clay is red earthenware with slips, stains, oxides and under glazes. 

My concepts include spontaneous thoughts in clay, the movement of time symbolized by animation, and the psychological intrigue of forms and shadows.  Bowls are for holding my thoughts and musing. Tiles and platters are canvases. Animal and bird figurines are looking at their own shadows, which are looking away in another time frame. A figure is caught in animated mid step climbing or circling on an enigmatic form.

I’ve lived most of my life in North Carolina. I grew up, studied, married, worked, and had children, then grandchildren. During all these passages of life I had a thirst for contemporary art and the art of other times and cultures.

After earning my fine arts degree from Queens University, I primarily painted the rural life and land where I lived.  I traveled and studied contemporary art as much as possible.  I am also a student of art history, Jungian psychology and comparative religions and myths. While traveling and studying and making this art, I experienced my inner life more profoundly. There are themes in my work and subconscious revelations of this inner life.  Though very personal to me others started recognizing their own experience through my art. 

I relocated from Charlotte to the Asheville mountains a few years ago. The change has brought nature and wildlife back into my environment and my imagination.”

2 thoughts on “ABOUT MY WORK

  1. Jennifer,
    Your work is inspiring. Love the birds in flight and with shadows. Clay as canvas….yes…you are painting .
    Enjoyed meeting you yesterday.

    • Chris
      Your comments from my website meant a great deal. It was interesting and inspiring to hear about your art and experiences transitioning from clay to painting. I would like to have coffee sometime.

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